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Chris Bird Awarded FIDE Arbiter Title

After waiting for what seemed like months, I have eventually been awarded the title of FIDE Arbiter.  The title was awarded at the Dresden FIDE Congress, which took place during the Olympiad in November, 2008.

This title will allow me to direct FIDE rated tournaments and allow me to award norm certificates to players meeting the performance requirements in FIDE events.  It will also allow me to train future FIDE Arbiters.

The full press release made by the United States Chess Federation can be viewed at http://main.uschess.org/content/view/8942/319/.

1 comment to Chris Bird Awarded FIDE Arbiter Title

  • M D Meredith

    Congrats Mr. Arbiter!

    Hey Chris, I got “permission” from the USCF to have the first ever/annual “Planet Earth Chess Championship” here in CT in March. I can explain this gaudy event name to you later; WHAT I NEED FROM YOU ASAP IS TO KNOW WHERE TO GET THOSE COOL NATIONAL FLAGS that you had at the Masters event… cuz I need to send the TLA tomorrow, and I’m having trouble finding them on-line. So can you let me know ASAP!?!


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