New England Masters 2008

Grandmaster Sergey Erenburg won the New England Masters held from August 11-15, 2008 at the Blackstone Chess Club, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Sergey’s last round victory over Parker Zhao left him with a final score of 7/9, half-point ahead of Grandmaster Timur Gareev who finished in 2nd as he could only manage a draw with IM Jacek Stopa.

IM Eli Vovsha finished by himself in 3rd place with 6/9 and there was a four way tie for 4th-7th with GM Leonid Kritz, IM Josh Friedel, IM Jacek Stopa and Parker Zhao all finishing with 6 points.

IM norms were achieved by American Parker Zhao and Canadian Victor Kaminski. This was both player’s first ever IM norm. Parker took the Under 2400 prize while Victor and FM Elliott Liu won the Under 2300 prize. The Under 2200 prize went to Canadian Hugues Masse who finished with 5/9.

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New England Masters 2008 - Photo by Betsy Dynako

New England Masters 2008 Participants - Photo by Betsy Dynako